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Hi. I have the last one of 5x healthy mixed breed puppies in need of a home -7 weeks old and properly socially adjusted-Has been vaccinated at 6 weeks of age-Full course of deworming treatment-Finished teething and eats solid puppy chunks, drinks water-Sleeps through the night when fed at 21h00-Already goes outside by himself for regular and normal bowel movements-Used to driving in the car-He is no pushover, plays (run and keep up/razzle/jump up & down stairs/tug of war) with the big dogs. He is very clever and inquisitive.-Responds and comes when he's called-Always happy, vibrant and loving personality, most beautiful face, loves people and very good with children Here's a full breakdown of his ancestral history:His dad's dad is a Jack Russel, dad's mother is a Fox TerrierHis mom's dad is a Dachshund, mom's mother is a Jack Russel Therefore his breed is undefined but quantified as:50% Jack Russel Terrier - from grandmother and grandfather (playful nature like both mom and dad)25% Fox Terrier - from grandmother (long legged, loyal & obedient like his dad)25% Dachshund - from grandfather (colour influence from mother's side) He will be a small breed, not much taller than a...
9 months, 26 days ago


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