Vom Eisenwacht Rottweilers

Vom Eisenwacht Rottweilers
Contact: Ernst J Botma
Address: Plot 45 Rietfontein A.H., Pretoria East 0056, Pretoria
Mobile: 0849151459

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Type: Pet Breeders

Awesome Rottweiler Puppies through controlled breeding practices

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Core values

  • We love Rottweilers
  • We are dedicated to maintaining the veracity of the Rottweiler pedigree
  • We are committed to the health and well-being of our Rottweilers
  • We treasure Rottweilers as life companions
  • We are committed to the new puppy owners
  • We uphold the rules and regulations of KUSA

We mate with first generation progenies of premium bloodlines. These include first generation progenies of South African Champions, world class working dogs and imported blood lines.

The Rottweiler is smarter than most other dogs and they rank in the Top 10 of most intelligent dog breeds. Discover the value and joy of raising a purebred Rottweiler puppy. This powerful breed of working dog ensures a lifetime of protection, service and amazing companionship.

Importantly, you are guaranteed pedigree validity with our KUSA registered puppies!