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Thursday, 28 April 2016

A stocky, physically strong dog breed with a black coat and well-defined tan markings, the Rottweiler is an intelligent, fearless dog breed developed in Germany. Naturally good-natured, calm, and keen to its surroundings, the Rottweiler is a stellar human companion and guard dog, only displaying aggressive behavior when under poor ownership. Because of its many diverse positive traits including confidence, fearlessness, and steadfastness, the Rottweiler is used for a variety of purposes including search and rescue, police work, herding, and as guide dogs.{addthis off}

Is the Rottweiler the Right Breed for you?

Overview Rottweiler

Low Maintenance: Grooming is only necessary once in a while to maintain upkeep.

Minimal Shedding: The Rottweiler will shed a negligible amount. Recommended for owners who do not want to deal with dog hair in their cars and homes.

Easy Training: Training will be enjoyable. The Rottweiler is inclined to listen to commands and obey its owner. This breed will require fewer repetitions to obey specific instructions, pleasing owners who like to see quick results.

Great Watchdog Ability: The Rottweiler will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. It exhibits very protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and will do what it takes to guard and protect its family.

Low Adaptability: It is not suited for apartment living. The Rottweiler is tough in the cold weather but has a hard time handling the heat.

Fairly Active: It will need regular exercise to maintain its fitness. 

Not Good with Kids: In isolation, the Rottweiler might not be the best option for kids. However, to mitigate the risks, have the puppy grow up with kids and provide it with plenty of pleasant and relaxed experiences with them. This breed is also shy toward other pets and shy toward strangers.


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