Registered breeder of Labrador and Beagle puppies in Pretoria Jarocas Kennels

Registered breeder of Labrador and Beagle puppies in Pretoria Jarocas Kennels
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Home of Good Natured chocolate, brown, yellow and black Labrador Retriever and tri-colour Beagle puppies in Pretoria.

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Jarocas Kennels a registered Affix (Kennel Name) with the KUSA We breed Good Natured and child friendly Tri-colour Beagles and Yellow/Gold, Chocolate brown and Black Labrador Retriever puppies.  Our puppies for sale are KUSA or CanineSA registered and are inoculated, dewormed and micro-chip.  For more on our puppies see HERE 

Our love for Labrador Retrievers and Beagle's started some years back when we got our first Labbies. We had a desire to breed good natured puppies so that others would find the companionship we found in these amazing pets! Although there was no animal that was suited for Adam from the beginning of time (which of course is proof that human friendship is still greater than animal friendship) YET of all the animals man can find, dogs are, and will always be, man's best friend! The Beagle is one of the friendliest dogs of the Canine's. They can get along with almost any other dog. They are pack dogs and do not want to be alone. They need much attention and exercise and just loves to please! They are good natured dogs, also with young children! They are hound dogs and like to explore and need work outs or walks! They are also good hunting dogs. We have mostly the Tri-colour (brown, black and white) puppies. We have puppies available on a regular basis. We raise our puppies with much love and care and spend much time in their nurturing. From a young age we interact with them so that they may be well socialized by the time they are received in their new homes. We keep intensive records of all our Canines and of every puppy we breed. Deworming is one of the greatest things new puppies need (not forgetting food and much care and love). Almost all puppies are born with worms which they get from their mothers. As they grow older they explore and eat almost anything they can find! We start our deworming cycle at 2 weeks of age and they are de-wormed every 2 weeks from the age of 2 weeks until they leave at the age of 8 weeks by us. They should be dewormed by their new owners until the age of 12 weeks and thereafter every 3 months. We inoculate our puppies at the age of 4 weeks and again at the age of 6 weeks. Inoculation takes some time (about 2 weeks) to work into the immune system. Because the puppies get inoculated twice, at the time they get to their new homes their immune system is already stronger to fight of viruses and diseases they may attract.

You can visit our website at for more on our planned litters and dog family

We have puppies occasionally throughout the year. See available litters or planned litters HERE

On the Video is one of our Labrador puppies that was used in a Jet advertising on TV April 2015!

We give a puppy starter pack with every puppy with guidelines that will help the new owner to take good care of their new family member. We also provide help to new owners for months after they have collected their puppies, thus making new friends and getting much feedback on the puppies as they become full grown! We expect of the new owners to make the welfare of the puppies they adopt an important matter and to take responsibility for the well being of their dogs and to give them the love, attention and exercise they need and deserve. We also encourage every Beagle puppy owner to train their canine from a young age and to where possible take them for formal training. A trained or disciplined dog is a much greater joy than a dog that is left to him/herself!